Sahara Compact Substation (ABB Technology) up to 24kV

SAHARA is a series of outside-operated compact secondary substations for voltages up to 24kV. They have been designed and manufactured by ABB Electrical Industries Co. Ltd. of Saudi Arabia to withstand all operating needs and special environmental conditions in the Gulf Cooperation Council, Middle East & Africa and other places with same environments.
The SAHARA series prove that compact secondary substations can be really compact while maintaining all required electrical parameters.

Outside operated substations
Heat Run Tested to class 10 of IEC 61330
Specially designed sand traps
Contains three compartments which are totally separated by Aluzink sheets
IP43 for the LV & MV compartments
IP23 for transformer compartment
Flexibility in selecting the required LV & MV equipment
Possibility to add one or two doors for the transformer compartment
Double roof with air insulation
Powder paint coated finish

SAHARA substations are completely self-contained, factory assembled in a totally enclosed metal cladding, weatherproof housing ready for placing into position upon a concrete base pad. Each substation contains three main equipment: transformer, MV switchgear and LV switchgear, each is contained in a separate compartment. The compartments are completely separated by galvanized steel sheets. The outer doors of the kiosk are wide and provided with gas spring stoppers. They are provided with heavy-duty hinges to prevent distortion and misalignment. Locks are provided with door swing handles. When they are closed, they are firmly locked. The MV doors are provided with a drawing pocket.