Eaton Holec Tabula Motor Control Centers

The Absolute Switchboard System for Maximum Safety and Reliability

TABULA - a Qualified Partner with a Strong Switchboard Concept, World-wide

TABULA meets all requirements within low voltage switchboards:

  • Main- and distribution boards

  • Motor Control Centers

  • Operation- and Control Switchboards

Fulfils in the best way all national and international standards, incl. approvals from international bureaus of shipping classifications, and is adaptable to almost any local demand and tradition.

TABULA covers the full Range of Low Voltage Switchboards

Main Distribution Board

Motor Control Centre, Draw-out

Distributions Boards

Operation- and Control Board


Strong Data - without Compromises

Fully documented low voltage switchboard system, according to IEC/EN 60439-1 and 3

  • Rated insulation voltage 1000V

Rated current

  • Horizontal main busbars In = 250-7800A

  • Vertical distributions busbars In = 225-1600A

Short Circuit Ratings

  • Horizontal main busbars up to Icw 120kA/1s., Ipk 264 kA peak

  • Vertical distribution busbars up to Icw 100kA/1s., Ipk 220 kA peak

  • Degree of protection IP20-IP54

  • Forms of separation, form 1-4 a as standard

  • Fixed, plug-in and draw-out execution

Type-tested - Point by Point

A natural element in the philosophy behind TABULA

  • Type-test includes both IEC/ EN 60439-1 as well as 60439-3 (switchboards operated by layman)

  • Type test certificate from DNV

  • Carried through in international test laboratories, KEMA, ASTA and others

  • The extensive documentation is available for the panel builders

The Realized Idea

Fully modulated with a DIN-standardized basic module of 126mm (DIN-norm 125mm +/- 1mm)

  • Optimum dimensions for any switchboard solution

  • Is adaptable to any demands regarding switchboard location in the building

  • Optimized utilization of enclosure space

  • Ensures easy and standardized extension possibilities


Type-tested standard solutions

  • ACB’s

  • MCCB’s

  • Fuse- and load break switches

  • Draw-out

  • Plug-in

  • DIN-rail assemblies

Can be combined in the same switchboard / column

Cable Compartments

Separate cable compartments of any width and any position for optimum cabling


Draw-out, an integrated part of TABULA

  • Easy access during service

  • Fast exchange of draw-out cassettes

  • Service and repair can be executed with live busbars

  • Reduces the time of stop in production

  • Suitable for preventive maintenance


TABULA Guarantees Strong and Competitive Solutions

Many years of Experience

Own test laboratory - certified by KEMA and Lovag

Wide network of panel builders - 150 in more than 30 countries

International relations ensures a current research and development

Programs for product and assembly training

Comprehensive documentation


Safety and functionality above all High level of experience

  • A system for the complete project

  • Optimum extension possibilities

  • Easy to service, designed for modern principles regarding maintenance

  • Economically attractive

  • Fully type-tested and documented

  • ISO 9001 : 2000

  • Environmental declaration

  • A competent and international organization is behind